Going to university can be a difficult experience for someone moving away from their family for the first time. The crime and safety report of the university and the surrounding areas will investigate the nature of crime and the potential risks. Female students will be told of precautions to take and places to avoid. 

There are areas in and around campus that can be dangerous places. Student housing is particularly vulnerable as thieves and burglars steal electronic equipment and laptops. Such equipment is critical for assignments, research and keeping in contact with loved ones and family.

Universities are great  and it is a wonderful and worthwhile experience. But, it is also a substantial investment (at least £30,000) that you and your family make in your future. You need to ensure that investment by  fully assessing any potential risk to their happiness, safety and security.

 The university safety check and crime report gives details of Anti Social Behaviour, Burglary, Theft, Serious and Sexual Violence around the university. I can give you the latest figures for crimes against property and the person, as well as information about personal safety and equipment. Personal safety Product Link Pages.