Sometimes parents can’t cope with their own problems and those that children are experiencing and they begin to have conflict with each other. They also find conflict with their kids, work colleagues and others. The net effect is that both the parents and the children become dysfunctional and family life and schooling is compromised.

Both Parents and young people need time to talk about and find solutions to these problems. We will act as mentors to both the parents and to the young person because both parties need help not just the one or the other. Real solutions come from a holistic understanding of problems- not just from one direction- giving one solution. These are often complex and difficult problems that need unravelling. We will need to build and develop relationships of trust to find these solutions. These are important and critical times in the lives of our kids and we need to act in ways that recognises the importance of this. Lives matter and young lives matter even more.

Young People at risk of exclusion from school, joining gangs and developing criminal behaviour are a particular concern- often the problems maybe ones that parents may not realise. We go through checklists of behaviours to look for and once we identify what the problems are we can work on solutions. Each mentoring session is personalised and researched to find the best solutions we can.  It may include signposting you to helpful agencies and services. We cannot afford to be complacent, as maintaining close and effective communications is critical to having, maintaining and achieving continued success.