Life can be very frustrating for a child or anyone trying to learn a new language or subject. Working with an on line tutor is like having your own private tutor working with you one on one. You can ask questions, maintain eye to eye contact if you want or just work over the phone.




We will discuss what your needs are and choose topics that are going to be useful in your everyday life and work. If you are a telephone handler or you work in a competitive environment we can work with you to move ahead of the competition by giving you not only the skills and the language, but also mastery of social occasions, topics of interest, useful facts and figures and what people are talking or worried about here in the UK. Cheerful banter with English customers will get you good reviews and be held in high regard.


 The lessons are planned and designed specifically for you and the sessions are held at times that are mutually agreed with the tutor. You don't have the cost or the effort of leaving the home and we can talk or practice for as long as we agree. It means that you can work longer on the days you have time or need more help for an upcoming exam or event. However you want to work is what we will do. On line tutoring gives you the convenience and fits into your daily routine. E mail us first so we can set up a Skype call so we can see if we can help. We are here for you.