This section is dedicated to not only students but to parents and other young people as well. As a student or a worker we are often told to study- do your work and that is all that matters. Well, if you were told that then you have been lied to- life is not just all about study, work, work and more work. You only have one life and you are meant to enjoy it. You need to strike a work life balance- so you work a bit and play a bit as well- don't overdo either of them- else you end up with some deep seated psychological problems or miserable and unhappy.

Relationships with your family and friends are important and all relationships with out exception are important- they need to be nurtured, encouraged and developed. Family too is important and you need to be able to set yourself goals where all of these are concerned. So you want to be successful academically but you will also need to be successful in terms of having friends- being socially capable and being street and life wise.

Life can be difficult sometimes and we are here to give you some advice and when you need it - a bit of a helping hand. We will work with you and be your personal life helper to get you through problems at school, relationships at home and at work, personal relationships leading to a road of happiness and well being. We are here to help if we can. 

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