Our children are most precious to us and we leave them in the care of teachers and other parts of the community as they journey to and from schools. The crime and safety reports for schools give us clear present, month or yearly historical data of schools and the areas around schools. It gives you the ability to make decisions about your child’s safety and security.

The research can also give you levels of specific crimes including Bicycle crime, burglary, theft, violent crime, rape and sexual violence, gun and gang violence and knife crime. The information discussed will be from the latest published data available from both the National Crime Statistics as well as the British Crime Victim Surveys.

Unfortunately, child sexual exploitation is a serious crime in today’s society and school children are sometimes involved. I will research and try to uncover all published instances of Child sexual exploitation in and around the area of the school as well as any instances of Drug abuse and misuse. I can give you detail down to street level of the crimes that have been occurring in and around your children’s schools as well as information about products and organisations that can help.