An important part of setting up or consolidating a business is knowing what are the risk factors. These will include the levels of crimes (such as shoplifting, pick pocketing, burglary and theft), anti social behaviour and possible public order offences in the area. The business and crime reports are bespoke and can cover the recent past as well as historical data as you wish.


Along with the business crime report we can also deliver neighbourhood crime, information and socio-economic data which will give you a sense of the general safety of the area for both your employees and your potential customers. This is bespoke to cover the areas you would like to include such as competitors and regional information.


Further detailed information can be given about the night time economy and the types of crimes that occur after dark. This is especially important for Restaurants, Pubs, Clubs and takeaways. Lists of important community contacts and Key individuals in community can be researched and made available. Other requests can be negotiated and developed as you need it.