The idea behind English and Life Helper came from us noticing that there were so many people who wanted to succeed in life but for the want of some basic help they were being held back. Our founder together with colleagues from academia and the public sector- suggested a system where they can get together, pool their resources and help a wide range of people. The group covers a wide area of expertise such as Social Sciences, Sociology, Social Psychology, Criminology, Community Engagement, Diversity Training, Crime Reduction, Fear of Crime, Gun and Gang Reduction, Victimology, Personal Security, Research, Community Action, Medical Sciences, Nursing, Hotel Catering Management, Human Resources, Education, Syllabus Development,  Mentoring, Occupational Health, Project Management, Change Management, Training, Survey Design and Analysis. We also have a expanding group of advisers with a wide demographic and ethnic range, including young people and young at heart. 

We offer services to young people, students, academics and parents. We are here to help and we have developed a system where we can help in a systematic way that measures your progression over time.

In the pages that follow we explain all our services- but if there is a need that you are not seeing then talk to us about it and we will try to source the people and the information to help you. Do not get frustrated and think that life or a problem is too difficult. We listen carefully to you and analyse the problem and will explain to you the issues and what the potential solutions are and we will work with you to make it better.

Our services are subscription, personalised, on-line and one to one. You do not have to leave the comfort of your home or your room. We are international and can help students from the far east, the UK and elsewhere.  Our rates are reasonable and our people are dedicated and very very patient. Look at the services we offer as see how we can help you with your English, Studies, Travel, Business, Work , Children and Relationships. We are your English and Life Helpers.